Construction Workers


Our priority is to provide the best service with the highest quality while keeping our customers and employees safe and away from any possible exposure!


Here at United Roofing, one of our Core Values is the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. We understand that the continuously growing situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is overwhelming and it’s even more complicated with the new information coming to light daily. In real-time basis we are following experts, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for guidance.

We continuously take actions to make sure we keep you and our employees safe. 


We are in constant communications covering proper practices to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. We are also asking our Team Members to avoid any personal contact such as the normal custom to shake hands when greeting a customer, to again, limit any potential exposure. If our team members are not feeling well, we are requiring them to stay home and not allowing them on the job site or to meet with homeowners.

With our technologic advances and continuous innovation, we are capable of providing the best service and quality, limiting the interaction and reducing any potential exposure. With these technological resources, the work that we do does not require in-person interaction and we are still able to perform most, if not all, repairs and replacements. We can begin or continue our projects along with little to no physical interaction while providing the highest quality service. Our team is only a phone call or text away to address any questions or concerns.


Collaboration, High Quality and Safety are our top Core Values. We will continue to serve our community, take care of our customers’ needs, and ensure health and safety.

We are just one phone call or text away to answer any questions or concerns, all of our team is available to help you.